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Original Post:
by: Zeldal on Aug 23, 2016

So i have been thinking about this theory, //Sorry for bad spelling// Ok so i was reading some flying besom threads and i saw You cant break the science laws at all with the witchcraft, So i had this thought that ''witches'' got burned in the old right i mean witches havent been exposed today at the same way so maybe one time they might burn us more but thats not the point What if the witches in the old hides so that they never found it that they werent so stupid and got burned and the fact that witches got found as flying in front of the moon i mean what if they did that but in a state where people who were not witches could not actually see them but the witches could, Or maybe its just to a point people who believed in the kind who where the witches of that path. But by the time now children are already showed science laws in the brain so what if we have to break this law and open new doors for the witchcraft we have rn, But yeah its just a theory also im new in this so i dont know but it might be worth taking a look at also everyone prob have this theory and i just felt like writing it down