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Original Post:
by: Jayce.T on Aug 15, 2016

I've had this question for a long time. I am aware of entity's embodying or representing forces, concepts or other entity's. A great example are the primordial deity's of Greek "mythology". But I was wondering if someone or something could become a embodiment of a concept or better yet, a PRIMORDIAL Embodiment (if it exist) Primordial Embodiment arnt really a entity that embodies their concept, but they are the concept itself. Primordial embodiments are the sources of the concept making it to were if the user dies, so does there concept but the user is as immortal and powerful as their concept. For example, a primordial embodiment of darkness would be eternal. A primordial embodiment of... Good, would die or seic to exist. Is this a real thing? I would add a link to where I've seen this ability but I'm not sure I can. Just go to superpower listing, its a wiki site.