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Original Post:
by: jimmay12345 on Aug 11, 2016

hey all.
I have two things to ask you.
1. where can i learn dream interpretation from?

2. could someone help me interpret my dream.
in this dream i was sitting on a roof with a few friends ( i dont know them in real life) we were watching a polce raid on my neigbours who were being arrested for growing marijuana.
one of the cops came up to us and started telling me about the raid and that there were plants outside nearby that they took.
the entire time the roof was as if my balcony and id worry when he was nearby because on the other side of the door i had 3 plants growing.
he then left and i proceeded to smoke it with my friends and got extremely stoned ( I could almost feel it in real life as if i was actually stoned)

the dream actually had an end where i went to bed too rather than just abruptly ending when i wake up

does anyone know what it means?