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Original Post:
by: Legend_ace on Jul 20, 2016

Hi, I'm somewhat new to demon magick and I had some questions about demons, summoning demons, seals and possession. I understand through the movies and some fictional novels that not all demons are entirely good nor entirely bad. I also understand that although some movies, videos, documentations of exorcisms and possessions aren't entirely true and may be staged. I'd like to know more about demons and how they are summoned and what the extent of their power is. So I've decided to summon one myself one day as research, but I was also wondering if it may be possible for the demon to share the same body and mind as me? Would they take full control over the body and mind like a stereotypical possession? Would it do me any harm? Perhaps if the demon would be willing to share my body for such a reason and would it be wise to do such a thing? Has it been done before? What spiritual and/or physical requirements would I need before I may do this?