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Original Post:
by: User448010 on Jun 03, 2016

Hello.I'm new to this website,but if there is anyone knoledgable about this kind of thing and would actually be able to help me,that would be nice.So on to the topic at hand.My girlfriend has been for 6 years now been experiencing excrusiating pain all over her body.She tried everything to get rid of the pain,painkillers,faith healing ( she's a muslim ),everything under the sun,and it didn't work.When examined by doctors,they can't see that there's anything wrong with her,the tests show that she's compleatly healthy.Now,I've long since thought that this was some kind of spell that someone put on her,since I think there are those kind of spells.The why or how someone did that,I can only ponder,but I can't let her suffer any longer.If anyone has any insight into this it would be much appritiated,if anyone has a cure for this,please contact me.
All the best.