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Original Post:
by: HaleyRae on May 22, 2016

So I will be flying to Kentucky sometime in June/July since me and my partners won first place in the state skillsUSA competition and we will be gong to nationals, but my problem is when TSA guidlines come into play when it comes to my travel altar that I plan on keeping in my carryon-
I have a tiny bottle (like maybe 1 mL) of Florida water cologne. Is it allowed? Do I have to label it or something?
And my travel altar case itself- Its one of the smalls Altoids tins... Will they have to search it or...?
And what about my raccoon tail on my back pack or my rabbits foot? Will those have to be taken off?

If I could get these answered by someone with experience flying and whatnot that'd be awesome.
Also, I know about the whole thing with keeping the liquid(s) in a bag when not in use.

And then there is for my other travel altar that has a candle and incense in it... Should I just trait up take them out?