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Original Post:
by: Nodnarb1122 on Apr 24, 2016

The very first dream I had that came true was when I was four or five. I had a dream my grandmother passed away. I awoke scared, ran into my moms room told my mom. She calmed me down and put me back to bed. Within a few hours she got the call from my stepfather that she passed away.

These dreams consist of a multitude of things from deaths,pregnancies,marriages,relationships starting an breaking up, meeting new friends I havent met yet, events an so fourth. These dreams also sometimes coincide with my deja-vu.

For example, I had a dream one night years ago of a girl with dark black hair,jean pants, holding books. In a yellowish hallway. We talked and enjoyed eachothers company. When I awoke, I wrote this dream in my dream journal.

A few months past, and Im walking down a yellowish hallway and I get a rush of deja-vu, I automatically new this was the dream I had a few months ago an this girl would show up and there she was walking towards me.

We became friends and stayed friends for 8 in a half years. I was wondering, if anybody else has these same dejavu occurances, or dreams that come true as well? They happen once a month if Im lucky sometimes once every few months. With this being said I was also wondering if there are any spells,rituals I can do to make these dreams happen more often.

Im open to all advice/suggetions, and thank you for taking the time to read my post,

love&light !