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Original Post:
by: phinicus on Apr 03, 2016

For the past 6 months or so, I've been having a really difficult time managing certain areas of my life. I thought I'd found my place. It was somewhere I was very happy to be but it was taken from me through another's actions, and through my inability to have responded in a manner which would have been appropriate inside the system to which I belong. Things will come back together of course, but I've recently started having the most vivid and seemingly random dreams involving animals both real an unreal. I started doing some research on dream interpretation, and on the meanings behind certain objects, places, and creatures, and am finding it difficult. It is hard to utilize any level of knowledge on dreams when, while I can very easily see in which way these things might apply for me:
1) There is so much happening so fast, and tonight may bring something brand new to the table.
2) There can be no set timeframe, no beginning or end, for any warning presented through dream - therefore when warnings pile up, one could become over encumbered with the stress of mindfulness.

Is there perhaps a way to see more clearly? Might it be clearer if one were able to know their past, recognize their present, AND see their future? Does anyone here have knowledge and/or experience in Oneiromancy?

Thank you for your time.