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Original Post:
by: User431471 on Mar 28, 2016

Okay, so I want to have a discussion here. What is your opinion? I have read and seen many magickal articles talking about invoking deities and spirits in their work, however some people invoke have been known to invoke fictional characters. I don't mean names of deities they made up for spiritual purposes, I mean things like SpongeBob and Deadpool. Things that were made specifically for entertainment with no intent for spirit work. I mean I get invocation is to make use of the specific energies spirits have to offer, but what energies do Marvin the Martian and Pink Panther have to offer exactly? In my opinion it is nonsense that is performed by inexperienced practitioners or young hipsters who don't want to follow a "mainstream deity" in there practice, or by the immature. This is just my opinion however, and who knows, maybe I just do not know enough to make the most informed opinion. Challenge me if you wish, if you disagree tell me why, teach me.