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Original Post:
by: User425007 on Feb 15, 2016

Balance is required in our universe, every action has a consequence, and every item it's counterpart. Good and evil, day and night. Many religions have there own form of balance, whether it be the Horned God and the Goddess, or God and Satan. The ancient Chinese and those following Taoism called these forces Yin and Yang. The symbolic embodiment of these forces is known as the taijitu. The taijitu is the combining and encircling of the individual symbols for Yin and Yang. Many say the whole taijitu represents the universe in a whole. The Yin and Yang both embody specific opposites. The Yin (shown as the black half) represents that of femininity, passiveness, night, the Moon, darkness, and destruction. The Yang (shown as the white half) represents masculinity, dominance, aggression, day, the Sun, light, and creation. This symbol is a good reminder that everything must have an opposite to exist, and one must embrace both sides of the universe to have a true, full understanding of it's workings.