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Original Post:
by: Undyne on Feb 09, 2016

I am fairly new to the practice of animism but I hold a strong belief that people were'nt the only ones with a living soul since I was a child. I expressed my beliefs through how I cared for the birds soaring high into the sky and ants living down below, but I was always afraid to pick a flower because I didnt want to kill it and I still have this feeling today.

I know that since I am a witch I will have to pick a flower sooner or later to use for magical purposes but I guess im to afraid to do so. I dont know what Im suppose to do because the earth does gives us what we need to survive and I can handle eating fruits, vegetables, and even meat but when it comes to the point when I am one killing an a inocent life I refuse to do so.

Please help me by telling me some of your beliefs on plant picking and how should I go about doing this.