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Original Post:
by: Danielmarin on Jan 04, 2016

Hello reader! I have to admit that my subject was a little deceiving, though not entirely inaccurate as to what i have to say. The occurrences happened about five years ago when I was in the seventh grade (now a highschool senior) playing the ol' "light as a feather, thin as a board" game. The "subject" (laying flat) was a close friend i had made in class, and the "two-finger lifters" being my friend, who, at the time, was a proclaimed stanist, and I. We began by focusing our energies, and so began to chant and lift, however it ended fairly quickly as my friend said i had caused pain from where I was touching her. Me, being a selfish and ignorrant fool (at the time), told her to suck it up (jokingly), since i couldn't really believe I was hurting her. We then began the process again, and seemed to go smooth until I noticed my friend (the one lying down) was tearing up. I stopped and asked what was wrong, and she had the same reply: I was burning her where I was touching her. We decided not to investigate the areas (mid-torso and mid-thigh) since we were in a classroom, and so ended the session. A few weeks after that, the three of us tried it again, this time at a park, with the same outcome as before. This time we checked the areas of contact and sure enough they were very red and radiating heat. I never tried the game again, and it has puzzled me to this day as to what happened, though i have heard of some monks who could raise the tempuratures of their hands with meditation. I was hoping I could find some insight here, and I would appreciate any input! :)
Sorry for the long post :b