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Original Post:
by: Danielmarin on Dec 13, 2015

There have been a few incidents around my house that have made me believe more than just bad luck is at play in my life. The first case was a few months ago when a pair of women's underwear were found on my dad's truck, which were of unknown origin. the second was a few weeks back when I found a large bone of an unknown animal on my front yard. the third was a few weeks ago as well when I found a limb of what seemed like a pig, but without the hooves, looking very fresh(as if just killed). The last was a couple of weeks ago when I found a pig's hoof on my front yard, also looking very fresh. A lot of bad things have been happening since I've first started seeing these things, not only to me but to my family, and I'm wondering if anybody has any clue as to whether these items could be connected, or whether this is the signs of a curse. Any answer would be greatly appreciated.
Blessed be.