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Original Post:
by: DDDDversion2 on Nov 01, 2015

Hello all, I have come here to post about something very unnerving to me. During Halloween night I went out with my sister to chaperone her trick or treating. During our walk to the street we wanted to hit first she asked me if I as superstitious. I explained to her how Halloween was one of the very few days in the year which I am on edge because of the strength of magic power on the night. I was about to continue further until I stopped myself when I felt a couple pairs of eyes start watching me. I casually looked around to see no one around, no one or thing at all. When I looked ahead I still felt their penetrating glares. While I went with my sister I still felt them but faintly. The worst part was when I was in my room. I was on my computer when I felt a lot more pairs of eyes looking at me. I looked behind me at my curtains to see my room had become darker somehow. I thanked myself softly for placing a protection spell over my house. I felt these glares for hours until it finally passed midnight into today. But I still wonder what could those stares be? Thank you for your input on this matter