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Original Post:
by: ZachJordan66 on Oct 12, 2015

Recently, I moved back to a town that I had lived moved out of for five years. In my absence, I discovered Wicca, and had gotten accustomed to the occult. When I came back, I would pass by people discussing stuff such as vampyres, faeries, and magick. I remember one time, after a school dance, I overheard somebody say that something was for vampyres the equivilant of holy water to demons. There are quite a few haunted houses in the town, and old superstitions, but why am I just now picking up conversation about everything within the occult. Even finding people who believe that they themselves are possessed by the astral spirit of a vampire.(the one person that I actually got to talk to). Why is this happening now, and not when I lived in the town originally?