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Original Post:
by: Brysing on Oct 08, 2015

I think every member knows by now that it is almost impossible to teach magic on-line;because you have to see it. But I thought that there is one bit of magic that I might be able to teach; Dowsing. At least Dowsing for water.Dowsing for metals may not be so easy!
What can Dowsing find? Underground water and underground space. It is very efficient at finding underground drains;I was asked to find those many times, over the years, by Construction firms. Even now, Dowsers are used by Builders because of the high cost of hiring a GeoPhysics machine.
So, how do you start?
You will need two,rounded, lengths of metal.The metal needs to be "clean"; that is, not painted or galvanized. A metal coat hanger would be good.The metal "rods" should be around 50cm long. Bend each rod into an L shape; you need about 10cm to fit into your hands.
In use,the rods need to be held "firmly, but loosely". They have to "swivel" easily,but without any pressure from you! You are not going to "guide" the rods in any way.The rods do it themselves. And believe me, the first time you see the magic work, you will be "gob-smacked"!
The way to learn Dowsing is best the way my witch teacher taught me.To look for something you know is already there!
If you live in a house,it will have drains, emptying into the sewer. Look for two Inspection Chambers (Manholes!).
Hold the rods at waist level,about 10cm apart,and pointing forward.Remember,the rods have to swivel. Walk slowly between the two Manholes.As you pass over the drain,the rods will swivel outwards into the exact "line" of the drain.
This "operation" will find any underground drains,even disused ones.It will find underground streams and "lakes".
You may have to practice a few times, to get used to how the rods react. But you can do it. Anybody can!
Don't try to understand it. And when your friends ask "How did you DO that!".
You can only answer,"I don't know! Nobody knows how it works. It's magic!"
If you have any problems, send me a PM.