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Original Post:
by: Brysing on Sep 29, 2015

Let me tell you a story.
You will need to cast your mind back, about three thousand years; to the land we now call England.
Small groups, "settlements" were scattered about the land, and the people thrived. But, just as all humans have done over the centuries,the people often suffered minor or major illness. Some of the "settlements" would have in their midst a Healer; a man or woman with great knowledge of plants, and who knew how to dress wounds, and stitch broken skin for it to heal.
In modern times we would call this man/woman "A witch". But in those days the people would not have such a name; they would call them "The One" or "The One who can heal!"
So, let us take a look at a common ailment,as relevant today as it was then; a woman of the Tribe has a severe headache, and so goes to consult "The One", the Healer.Perhaps an old woman.
The old woman would mutter some "mystic" words, make a few "mystic" gestures; and then give the woman with the headache a potion to drink.
Within a short time the headache has gone!
So,let us now refer to this "healer" as a Witch, and let us see what this old Witch REALLY did!
She would have gone, in secret, and cut some new bark from a willow tree. Then she would gather some of the wild herb Meadowsweet.
She would pound these into a paste, that she would use to put on wounds.Some of the mixture she would add water to and turn it into a liquid Potion.The mystic words? And the mystic "signs"? Well, two reasons for those; to keep it all "secret"; and to get a small "payment" for curing the headache.
Now, the old Witch would not have a name for the potion. She just knew that it worked.
But any modern Scientist would tell you exactly what that potion was!
It is one of the most powerful drugs in use today. Millions take it every day! I have heart disease, and take 75mg of this drug every day to keep me alive.
Because, you see, Willow bark and Meadowsweet are rich in AcetylSalisilic Acid.
That's Aspirin! It's magic!