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Original Post:
by: User365880 on Aug 22, 2015

I know the title seems silly but let me explain. The other day a lone tree frog was on the insde of my gas door. I didn't want it to jump inside my home because my cats would have killed it, so I carefully cupped my hand around it to nudge it into my hand but it wouldn't move even from a light touch, it just stayed but until I gave it more of a push but I was very gentle. Eventually it fell into my hand and I took it out into the yard to put it on a bush, but it wasn't afraid. It stared at me for a while until I nudge it more to jump out of my hand. It seemed very comfortable. So I didn't think much of it and the next day I look and the very same tree frog was on the same part of my door. I'm not sure how it would have gotten their but I knew it was the same one. Again it wasn't scared at all of me holding it trying to move it away. This has been going on for about three days straight and each time I've moved it further away but it always seems to find it's way back. Even now it remains in the same spot, I didn't move it this time. I guess when I have certain animals come on my property I research and see if they symbolize anything. I even made sure it didn't have a family or something near by and I found nothing. I guess i'm asking what do frogs represent or are they sacred to any deity.