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Original Post:
by: ShadowBonder on Jun 09, 2015

This isn't the first time I've had this, but it starts out me walking through my woods across the street, it's rather thick the deeper you go. Anyways, I'm walking along, talking to myself (I do that a lot...) I usually hold on to a necklace I've placed a charm on. Finally I find this old cave, nothing special, but since my state was apart of the gold rush, we have abandon mines and such. Not thinking clearly I walk in, inside is dark, dank, and cool. My body wanted to turn around, but I just couldn't. I pressed on, I came to this pit it was like a bottomless one, I couldn't see very well, but I kept hearing a voice telling me to run. After I tried to find away into this pit, I got this feel to run and not look back... But when I try to run, I can't leave the cave...

What do you guys think?