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Original Post:
by: mystery008 on Apr 05, 2015

I had this dream where, i was at school and I was sitting at the table with these kids and the teacher. So one of my teacher said she can see demons, and that if you feed the demon somthing, that it would grant you any wish. So I said can I do it, and she said yes. But she warned. Me not to be afraid. So I said ok. So she gave me some weird food to feed them. Ohh the teacher name was miss dallas a female teacher. She gave me some food and then she saw a demon 2 of them. There was a demon that was mad and then there was a demon that was not mad. So she told me to feed the demon, she said the demon was getting closer. Then she said put the fork out sp it can eat. I did. But the mad one said no, and the other one said yes. But from out of know where the demon was choking me. It pulled me from my chair. My teacher was an exspert at it so she gave it what it liked. And then it left. I asked the teacher why did he choke me ?.

But the weird part is. The teacher said when you wake up from this dream.perform a demonic ritual to get what I want.
What could this dream mean.