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Original Post:
by: lynnejenni on Jan 29, 2015

question about this site. I'm really just trying to learn. I have a strong feeling about it and have been told by many "gifted" people that I've come into contact with that I am an empath? I do have a strong energy around me and out of my 5 daughters, one of them has the same intuitions that I have always had. My niece hears voices of "shadow people" and has had social problems as she feels everyone's emotions that are around her.This has been going on through each generation. Seems to grow stronger with each one. I don't know what we are but there must be a reason we have these energies, isn't there? I seem to attract spirits as well. I've never lived anywhere without there being "activity" going on. Never bad. I just learned to live with it. I guess my question would be, does this make us anything other than weird? We all hide what we go through from people around us as we will be judged for it. Any thoughts on this or anyone else exploring possible answers? what makes a person decide to be a magical? were you born with a gift and then focused on it?