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Original Post:
by: Echos on Jan 16, 2015

I had an incredibly real dream. Probably one of the most intense in a long time. If anyone could help tell me what might have happened that would be great, because im a little freaked out.
- Me and my cousin were what seemed like camping in the back of a pickup truck on a hill, under a very starry night. My cousin was sleeping, I was awake. There was suddenly a creature, large and bulky with a spear head tale, was floating(flying) around the truck in a comfortable lying position. It circled without paying any attention directly at us. I began to panic, I tried to wake my cousin to jump in the cab of the truck. I watched it circle from the side of the truck, door open, shacking my cousin in the back. I pulled the nerve to shout at it. I yelled "hey". And for the first time it looked at us. Our eyes met and it felt like someone (something) was really there glaring at me. It was so real and frightening not knowing this strange being. Its stare forced me awake immediately. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night, and went about cleansing the house. Has anyone ever experienced this?