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Original Post:
by: Dextrator on Dec 22, 2014

I am So sorry Im posting it on this thread but this one fits more than the others.

A lot of crazy thing started happening for the last 2 days.
My best friend got followed by 2 men in robes(Probably from the sect)He threw them i nthe waters and called the Police But the day after my friend posted a status that he think hes followed by a spirit,he said when we were at one destination there was a light turning off in front of him,btw in that location there was a pentagram and one of my friends pissed on it I don't know if it counts,and then when he walked to this other destionation the lights also turned off,by the way to his grandmothers house the lights were turned off too,when he got home all creeped and shocked he set his television to turn off in 2 hours and it turned off in 5 mins.
Now this happend to me.I dreamt and in this dream I saw this crazy women who is assosiacte of my mother cause they were looking for a job application together but shes crazy and everyone is avoiding her,there she greeted me(That crazy woman)And I didn't want to be disrepsectful so I greeted her and there she meet me with this really bigger blind lady who looked really weird persumable a witch,and me and mi ugly mind I alredy joked in my head about her cause shes blind and fat and I took her hand and said hello,before I could say anything we changed the zones we were no longer in the supermarket where I met her we were closed,surrounded by mountains.There she said to me this fat blind woman ''there is someone far away who loves you(or someone who belives(trusts)in you) cant remember well sorry,and at that moment I was scared cause I just made fun of this woman who can read the future maybe she also read my mind.Then she takes my hand at shes in this black robe and says ''let me explain it a little better''I only remeber she said something simmilat to the last time but more real and mean,then I woke up just 1 second before my alarm started.It was weird cause I woke up just right before the alarm started in a span of 1 second and Im really tired I feel like I could of have sleepen more.

If you know what may be the cause of this please tell me,before I had this dream I felt something weird started happening to all of my friend 1 by 1 and I kind of felt like i was the next.If you know what happend to me let me know what spells should I do and how do I clean this.Thanks and Blessed be.