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Original Post:
by: User346530 on Dec 20, 2014

Hello. As some of you might already know I am Rockin Mordor. Today I come to you from both my personal experience, but also from what I have seen from others. As of late there seems to be a metaphorical blockade diminishing or hindering the thought process when it comes to writing. Writing in all aspects. Now, to get where it has to do with magic or this site, well it's getting difficult for me and others which I know upon this site to post. It is like we have an idea of what to write, but when we get to the page it is as if our mind goes blank and we stare at the screen with a loss of words and ambition. My question is this; how can we break this annoying dam preventing us from teaching and helping others with new information? I personally want to help more and bring more to the table, however, there's this nasty blockade that just seems to stop me from getting the words out. How does one gather or regain their inspiration and motivation?


- Mordor