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Original Post:
by: MaidenCrow on Oct 06, 2014

So, I just got out of the shower maybe not even half an hour ago. I took a really hot shower, which would have cleared my sinuses, but now my nose is so stuffed up I can't breathe out it and I can't clear it. While I'm about to go get a decongestant, I just wanted to see some opinions. I had no signs of sickness before my shower and it didn't even start building until a good five ten minutes after my shower. Now, I barely slept last night, it was 91 degrees out and I've been wearing a hoodie for the past week, I recently did a spell a few days ago, and I've done three or four cleansings in the past week. Also, I've been working on making tarot cards since last night and even though I'm just cutting out blanks right now, I'm putting a lot of thought and energy into it. Could this be energy related, magick related, or totally mundane? I rarely get sick and it's never this sudden. Could I just need sleep and a decongestant? Could my energy be affected? Is it I'm just putting a lot into my work so my body can't fend properly against ailments such as this?