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Original Post:
by: Niekyra on Jul 13, 2014

I have previously dabbled in looking into my past lives, a year or two ago now, but somethings been happening recently that really strikes me as odd. It has nothing to do with what I found in my reincarnation searches. I've been having vivid vivid dreams and the same faces and the same house shows up in them. I mean I had the first dream with this house in it when I was like seven, had the next about a year later. Now I've had five in the last six months (I'm 16) they've gotten more frequent and more detailed and it's always something differemt going on, but always the same house and people. I told a friend of mine and they suggested maybe I've seen the house hefore, but I cant remember. Its so distinct, I would. So I did some research and any time I found one that looked similar or a room that matched one in my house I just started balling. So I have to wonder, do I have a block on my mind preventing me from remembering? Am I gettingtoo close and that's why I cry? What's weirder is I tried the meditating seeing-past-lives things again and I couldn't open the door without tearing up. But what also comes into consideration is that you aren't suppose to be able to remember. Me and my higher self do have a good connection, and I'm beginning to think that it WANTS me to remember that's why it's giving it to me through dreams. But every time I have a particularly long or vivd one, I injure myself. A few months ago I broke my foot falling down the stairs the same day I had the dream, and today, I split my lip open at work (long story) so I don't really know. My friends want me to stop completely with wonderimg but I feel like I want and need to know? Any ideas, thoughts, or ways to find more out? (So far I know what the house looks like, the land, I know one face by memory, and the initials J.W. were on papers on the tablenin the dream)