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Original Post:
by: melindagavin on Jul 04, 2014

I have at least 3 or more coincidences happen to me daily. I will give some examples.
1. I died my hair to get rid of my Silvers...Later that night a friend said something about ravens on t.v.
The next day I got a text from another friend in the text it said "THERE IS A RAVEN LOOKING AT ME"different person who does not (supposedly talk to my "other friend")???
I have low blood sugar, I had gone a while without eating. (not to long) I was working out and I had a hypoglycemia seizure. My "friend" got sugar and shoved it down my throat. In a little bit of time I was okay.
About a week later, we where driving in the car together and I was holding my "friends" car. A text came thru and I was asked to look at the text. When I opened it, it was a relative who sent a video clip from a movie called "THIS IS THE END" the part of the video clip was a man laying on the ground having a hypoglycemia seizure. I was told and promised up and down that no one knew no one was ever told!
I could go on for days and go back 10years of these sort of Coincidences.

It's gotten to the point where I don't know what to think anymore.
Does anyone have these sort of things happen, to them? What should I make out of things. If anyone has advice or wants to hear more, I'm more then happy to be open. I have books upon books and could type for weeks. LOL

Blessings to All & HAPPY 4th of Rainy July ;)