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Original Post:
by: Fenriel on May 24, 2014

It seams that I have picked up a spiritual entity somewhere, and I`m afraid that I`m not sure what it is.

I know few thing about it that may help figure it out, but not too sure, but here are things I know so far help would be appreciated:
- Its fairly small about the size of a palm(aprox. 12-14cm) with tail at least twice as long(or at least I think it`s a tail you can never be to sure with spiritual beings).

- It does not appear overly intelligent, although It seams to be able to understand me, and communicate at some basic emotional(projects its emotions) level and yes or no motions(mostly when attached to my back).

- It seams to feed of any excess energy I`m producing/releasing or that remains after my practice/meditation.

- So far I`m sure his friendly, hell I`m even finding that him feeding of my excess energy is almost comfortable as it flows much smoother when I`m using it.

- It somewhat weakens my abilities to feel energy around me but that`s mostly because I use the energy it feed`s of to create "sensory bubble" if you will.

- It seams to enjoy smell of cinnamon(probably just its personal preference) it seams to relax him.

Any idea what it may be and should I or should not be worried about it.