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Original Post:
by: Trueth90 on Apr 22, 2014

I started looking up about dragons again. And then I left my room but before I did that I felt like there was something or someone there, not sure if it was me.
I want back to the room and started medating as I was doing that I
Was getting clips of images like I always do, but then I got one
Which was a intresting cottage on a top of a mounting very top a piece of the roof was missing the top right cornor, under a beautiful night sky, stars where bright and had a nice breeze. Of course during all this I was trying to see or hear my dragon guide. When I saw that image though I got gouse pumps threw my body. Wasn't scary or anything.
I have a watch when I was medating too and not sure if the battery or not but one of them is died, while the other is not. Me and my wife not sure either but after a while my son set on a water on ower floor. Could be something we just can't remember, but any ideas would help :)