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Original Post:
by: Kirby806 on Mar 14, 2014

I have noticed a change in some of my favorite spells, the spell's rating has gone down. And the other spells that are complete rip-offs, got into the top spells. I understand that they don't work for everyone, but is is because you made a mistake? Or is it actually a rip-off? If anyone actually has sock/extra accounts to get one of your rip-offs into the top spells, then that is just wrong. I hvae seen a 5 star rated spell go down to a 3 and a bad spell (in the same section) go to a 5. There are some rude people out there that like to rate to spells a 1 and rate their spells a 5. Yeah so, this is just a thread in case you think that too, or whatever...