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Original Post:
by: LadyDarla on Mar 01, 2014

I've been living in my apartment for 5 years now. Been practicing the craft for 3 years. Twice now a bat or bats keeps on landing on my balcony. First time I heard a funny noise and my cat got hold of the poor thing. Luckily we saved the bat and set it free. Now 2 nights ago my hubby woke up maybe at 3 in the morning and heard the same bat noise on our balcony again. This time our cat was asleep on our bed. The bat was safe but still made a noise. I've been wondering why all of a sudden are the bats attracted to our apartment. Can it be that they sense the energy because of the spells. Can a bat be my familiar or can it have some meaning. A message maybe. Please if anyone can give me some info. Will be appreciated

Thanks in advance