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Original Post:
by: George. on Jan 07, 2014

I guess this all started when I was younger, my mother said that when I was about ten weird things started happening, I woke up with scratches on my back, our furniture would move around or the radio would play in the middle of the night.

I said that it was the woman in the blue dress, my parents thought it was just an imaginary friend, until things got worse, doors would shut and not open, fresh food would go off, milk would curdle, pictures falling of the walls and me screaming in horror during the night.

so my parents reluctantly got a psychic to visit the house she asked if anyone had ever used a quijja board or taken part in a seance, our answer was no, she then asked if anyone had had a near death experience. When my mother gave birth to me I was a still born and I was dead for a few minutes before they brought me round.

The psychic said that I crossed over and brought a spirit back with me, she performed a ritual (I have no idea which one or how she done it) but things after that got better.

Now I'm eighteen and I've never thought of the woman in the blue dress for years, we never speak of the weird things that went on and to be honest I can barely remember them.

A few days ago I went to my room and on my bed I saw my drawing from eight years ago of the woman in the blue dress. No one knows how it got onto my bed, my cat has been crying and hissing while looking behind me. Now I've got a little brother and he is five, he was sat laughing in the den and when I asked him what he was laughing at he said "the girl in the blue dress"

So my question is why do you think this spirit has come back?