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Original Post:
by: Divinity13 on Dec 04, 2013

Im not looking for attention I really need help
This morning I wasn't really asleep nor fully awake and I felt movement as in someone get into bed with me I now tottaly awake look back to see if it was my daughter but knowing full well she must be in school ,anyways I shrugged it off as in maybe I was dreaming .a lil while later I sense that they were 2 other presence in my room and I felt my bed moving like a person getting out of bed (again I ignore it ). I think I fell asleep for a lil before being awake by the movements on my bed and this time its/he/she ( don't know what to make of it) was tossing and turning.I felt like someone was really there. And when I felt like I was being hugged and pulled I first thought " don't touch me" then I said it aloud and got out of bed.
Any thought,suggestion, ideas and/or advises would be greatly appreciated .