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Original Post:
by: User175797 on Jul 23, 2012

how to awaken it i have done research about it and know that most people would say let it happen on its own or to not even try i know the effects that can hapen i have tried to awaken it off how to's on about 2 or 3 diffrent sites i have tried this one meditation to awaken it and all it did was blow all my senses (even the sixth) higher for about a week but i didnt stay with me after that time i have been searching for an actual way to do so and no the pros and very* serious cons that come with it idc if people call me crazy for wanting to awaking it but i really want to awaken the kundalini inside me i no what my actions will b and will take full acount on wat happens is there anyone please that can help me i have been search for how to for about a year and 4 months now if there is anyone that i can help i would b honored and extremely greatful please