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Original Post:
by: DevinMarston on Jun 15, 2012

ok this happened to me in the around April or so or something like that i was in a trance all day i went down to my basement opened a door when i went into the room i saw these snakes leave the room (looked like a thousand snakes) as i entered i had a gold pen in my right hand and i was standing in the middle of the room i remember taking my gold pen and going the the wall and knocking 3 times and then seeing the room light up blue and these door ways open each one was strange one was a room with a night light in it the other was that of a stone room leading up some stairs and the other was that of a grave yard and old one leaving out to some place anyways shortly after that i went back to the middle of the room and did some sign thing with my hands and pen or the pen felt more like a wand i a guess anyway i went back the middle of the room and when i was staring at the door the regular door way but before i left all of a sudden my hair lit of blue and white and on my right hand started to glow white and blue and golden and then this pure golden light shot up in the the sky or into what ever it was but then this light glowed all around me after that i started to see people around me dressed up in Egyptian robes or something like that you could se faces and every thing but the people were see through and ever since then i was told a spirit follows me around her name is phurstephanie (Isis mabey ?) as of yet i also here another voice in my head that that whispers its hard to describe and make out its harder to hear but his name was either michale or like i asked him and he said also Osiris which and terms as im telling this im starting to believe its possible the god or king of the under world has or may have put himself inside me or with me at least part of him i feel like in my trance i must have been summoning gods because when it happened i saw so many also before i forget i remember pointing my wand or lighter pen in the way of 4 other beings there that i pointed and the lighter shot something out and those beings went to the floor