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Original Post:
by: Magicgirl667 on May 15, 2012

( Not sure really were to put this topic, but feel free to move it if it fits better somewhere else)

Holy water is easy to make. some choose to make it differently or on a full moon, but i make it any time. I usually make it on sundays because that is when it feels right to me, but any time or day will do. I forgot were i learned this method, but i have been using it for quite sometime.

You need:
-A Bowl
-Water (i use filtered tap water, but i am sure any water will do.)
-Salt (i use sea salt)

You can call the elements or cast a circle if you would like, anything that would make you feel comfortable. I usually light some white sage incense and relax for a bit before starting, just to get my mind settled.
When you are all ready

- pour as much water as you need into your bowl. You can always make a lot and save some in a jar to use whenever yo need it.
- Add three pinches of sea salt
-stir three times to mix it well
-Close your eyes and place your hands over the bowl
-In your mind, envision a white light glowing from the bowl. Focus on your breathing and breath in and out slowly. Concentrating, imagine the light slowly getting bigger until it covers the whole bowl.
-Depending on your belief, you can say a prayer here, ask the elements to bless your water, a god/goddess to bless the water, or anything else that you feel is best to say.
To give an idea, for my belief, i ask the father, son and holy spirit to bless my water and rid it of all negative energy so i can use it to bless objects or for anything else i may need it for.
-Finish up by closing the circle if you made one
-You can like i previously said, keep some in a jar or even in a small bottle charm to keep with you.
-Holy water can be used for anything that you may need it for, but i mainly use it to bless anything on my altar or anything new that i have.

Thank you and Blessed be.