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Original Post:
by: User128046 on Jul 08, 2011

(Note: I use the word symbols a lot because I could not find a better word and the definition somewhat fit.)

The Princess and the Frog is probably the only Disney movie set in Louisiana. In the New Orleans area, there is sort of a magic to it. The city itself is said to be alive. We all know about the Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. She is one of the famous figures in New Orleans. Sure they have jazz musicians from there, but she goes back farther than the jazz.

In the early to late 1800s, Marie Laveau lived (one was the original the other her daughter). She was born of a slave and a rich plantation owner. She was a free woman of color. Sunday morning after church, free people of color and slaves would go to Congo Square and perform Voodoo ceremonies. That is where Dr. John is said to have taught Marie Laveau about Voodoo and hoodoo. She rose to power in New Orleans through her supposed hoodoo and Voodoo powers.

I mentioned this bit on Marie Laveau for later reference. Now: how is the Princess and the Frog related to real Voodoo? Well, a lot of it is just Disney Magic, but if you look deeper, you can see hidden symbols.

Now Doctor Facilier, also known as "The Shadow Man", is one of these hidden symbols. To me he looks like a Boron Samedi (but with skin). He has the usual symbols of Samedi: with his top hat, he is thin, and he has a cane. Now Samedi is well known for his ability to heal and curse (like most Barons). If you look at a picture of Dr. Facilier, he has a red stripe on his hat. In Voodoo, the Petro Loas traditional color is red. Petro Loa is referred to as the more aggressive and warlike of the Loa nations. Dr. Facilier is known for his cursing and more aggressive sides of hoodoo.

Mama Odie was my favorite character in the movie. She is also an example of some hidden symbols in the movie. Look at what she wears. She is in all white. The Rada nation is the more gentle and helpful Loa. The Rada nations traditional color is white.

Now remember Marie Laveau. If you look further at what Mama Odie and Marie Laveau are wearing, they are wearing the same thing for a hat. It is the same color and in the same style. I think that Mama Odie is like a Disney version of Marie Laveau. If you go into what the characters say about her, she is a power house in the bayous, with her all kinds of Voodoo, hoodoo, and magic. Marie Laveau was a power house in New Orleans when she was alive, and she is still a strong force in New Orleans. Also, one of the characters calls her a Voodoo Queen. What was Marie Laveau again?

Bellow is some links to pictures of the characters and people I referred to.

Marie Laveau: day_640.jpg

Moma Odie: s/characters/mama_odie_large.jpg

Boron Samedi: aron_samedi_by_domigorgon.jpg

Dr. Facilier: AABv8/KOdp5dpscX4/s400/princess-and-the-frog-promotional +dr+facilier+mural.jpg

Sources: m

Serving the Seven African Powers , By: Denise Alvardo

Any thoughts?