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Original Post:
by: Ardor on Jan 31, 2011

This is just a poem. If you dont have the same feeling towards this element/weather or if you thought of a different one please by all means post it here.

The rushing cold touches my skin lightly, not asking for permission, but as if to tease you to come into it arms. The warmth holds promise of sleep and rest but the cold of the rainfall holds a silent whisper of things that go beyond the taste of the sweetest fruit, the smell of a flower hidden away from all eyes but the smell has drove men to the edge of the earth. Raindrops swirl and dance a dance of forgotten love, of new love found, of a childs first smile in this world, and the smile of a person whose age and time have come and soon are to past. Glistening like emeralds on the grass and sparkling like the rarest rubies on the petals of the red rose, like tears of a bride when she realizes this is her time and the tears of the groom when the beauty of his soon to be wife overwhelms him to the point of a heart ache. Silence so thick it puts frosting of all kinds to shame. The wind, oh the wind, so gentle, the sun's sleepy eyelids so careful and fragile, looking out to the mountains tops and the sea bottomless heart. I close my eyes, catching the rain on my eyelashes one by one, feel it tremble with my breath.Open my eyes slowly, the drops sliding over my slow and quiet grin, so calm and meaningless, yet neon tinting my world into the clouds and oblivion.