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Original Post:
by: User75966 on Sep 30, 2010

Hi, my name is Perry and I have been practiceing Solomonic sorcery for a long time. My favorite grimoire is called the goetia. It was also the first grimoire I ever read. When I read it, I thought summoning was unbelievably hard. The magic circle in the goetia is complicated and l realized without it, I would not be safe. I then read a grimoire called the grimoire if armadel. I realized the magic circle in that grimoire was much simpler. I decided on a method to conjure spirits and have been summoning them since. I have summoned almost all the spirits of the goetia and the grimoire of armadel, I have summoned all the ones in the arbatel of magic. I experiment with different magic circles and have used my own version of solomons triangle. Of you wish to learn to summon entities and learn the knowledge of the grimoires, message me. I will guide you through the process of correctly consecrating and makeing a magic circle, explain to you the exercises you must do to prepare yourself for an evocation and I will guide you through your first conjuration. This is not your normal spells and dabbling. If you think learning to summon spirits and work with them with them will be easy, think again. This is serious. Please don't message me if you arnt serious. These spirits are not fairies or anything like that. They are angels, demons and beings that have built solomons temple among other things. They will overpower you ifypu are not mentally strong. When I first came across this site, I clicked on the summoning spells and realized none of them realy summoned anything and if it did, it was fairies and the like. If you want to learn the art of evocation message me.