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Original Post:
by: RavenStar on Apr 28, 2010

This has started happening for a while. In my neighborhood, dogs bark (whose neighborhood doesn't have barking dogs? heh). I decided I would try to find a way to make them stop. At first the dog looks at me and starts barking. After I stare at them for a few seconds, they stop. Sometimes, the dog barks but then they stop once I pass by. Sometimes they'll keep barking. What I'm trying to explain is that over half of the time, dogs don't bark at me.

There was also an incident I had with a squirrel at school. I clapped one time and it crossed it arms. I thought it was funny but kind of odd. I mimicked the arm crossing and then a few minutes later, I clapped my hands again. This time, it put its hands back on the tree branch.

Last but not least, the crow incident. Most of them time when I'm walking home from school, I am followed by a crow. It flies by me and it seems like it is observing me. After a while, it flies away. What does this mean and has anyone else experienced a similar incident?