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Original Post:
by: Misanthropy on Aug 25, 2017

This thread contains basic information on herbs and their uses in magic, and should be used as a general guide. This comes from both personal experiences and outside sources.

Herbal Magic, quite simply, is a form of magic that uses the utilization of the natural energies within plants. These items all have their own energies associated with them, and we are able to tap into that energy for spells, rituals, etc.

I have found that many forget that magic is quite literally at our fingertips, either in our own backyards or in our kitchen cabinets. I have seen several new practitioners asking for spells and such that do not require fancy materials or hard to get tools, and I have always found it funny that none of them think to look to nature for those resources.

When the first witches and Hedge Folk practiced magic, they did not have many ritual tools at their disposal, if any at all. Many could only look to the world around them (their farms, gardens, the nearby woods, etc) for tools and items to aid them in their work. I know for my family, much of their tools consisted of the herbs they grew in their own gardens, and the animals that they worked with on the farm. I imagine much the same was true for others that followed a similar tradition.

So lets step away from the intricacies of elaborate ritual and long, drawn out spells, and get back to our roots

As Albert Einstein said: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.