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Original Post:
by: fullmoon1012 on Aug 16, 2016

While the title says Natural Things/Herbal Remedies etc, ill be going over a wide range of Herbs and they're uses as well as plants/flowers, edible things and much much much more. I do have quite an interest in herbs and natural remedies etc but I often dont have a chance to make/use any as its VERY hard to get herbs and stuff here if you do not grow them yourself, which I am planning to do, but when I have a chance I try to make lots of stuff, with stuff I have around my home, and that's easy to get!

1( Things To Smoke.
While lots of people have anxiety/depression etc and many other medical problems, many of them go to marijuana/tobacco and other "drugs". While I have nothing against marijuana (as I only thing of it as a plant not a drug in my opinion) it is often illegal in many countries, as well as being hard to get, expensive and has side effects. Or even if you simply just do not want to smoke, that is perfectly fine. There is a wide range of things to smoke that are illegal and usually harmless.

A( Herbal Teas.
Yes!!! You can smoke herbal teas! Ones like berries, chamomile, green tea etc etc can be smoked and really do help. I find they are especially good for relaxing, winding down and anxiety. Just make them like a normal roll up cigarette, except with the tea instead of tobacco. They are safe, taste nice and help as well as being legal!

B( Peanut Shells.
I haven't tried myself but heard that if you crush fresh peanut shells and use just as you would with tobacco, it can getuou slightly high and relaxed. I dont know if this works but its always worth a try.

C( Yarrow.
I have also never tried but it seems that Yarrow gets you high and that its legal and safe also, there is many great alternatives to Marijuana.

D( Banana Peels.
You think its crazy right? Well, I have also never tried but I do believe that this might work alot! Its supposed to get you high and relaxed, it releases endorphins in your brain (as well as peanut shells) which relax you and make you happy.

2( Herbal Remedies.
Lavender - Great for sleep problems, anxiety, stress, nightmares, depression etc. Can blend/crush into oil and rub on temples, or sniff the oil/flower to relieve.

Paprika/Chilli - Great for warmth, as it gets the blood flowing and I also very good for your blood.

Cinnamon/Nutmeg - While you can take Nutmeg to get high, I highly recommend not to as it gives you a "bad high" and leaves you with horrible side effects and you can even overdose. But a little bit in cooking (cakes, buns etc) is good for the blood and warmth, if you like you can sniff it, it may make you a bit dizzy and happy, and get you a little high, it is also good for depression and anxiety as the smell is relaxing and makes you happy.

Garlic - Garlic is so amazing for your blood. Eat as much as possible! While it doesn't have much uses its healthy and yummy and goes great with most things.

C( Herbal Remedies.
Hair Mask (Shiny, Healthy Hair). Mix 1 - 2 eggs (depending on hair length) with olive oil/veg oil/coconut oil and honey. Spread all over hair and leave in for 30 mins - 1 day. Shower cap can be worn going to sleep then washed out in morning.

Lip Scrub (dry, cracked sore lips). Mix coconut or olive oil with sugar, add oil/juice etc. You can squeeze juice from berries or fruits into it, food coloring is optional. Rub on lips gently, leave on for 5 - 10 mins, you can lick it off if all natural things are in it.

Body scrub (dry skin, exfoliation). Mix salt, essential oils/juice from fruit/flowers with sea salt. Make sure its not too fine, it needs to be big sort of grains. Rub it on area gently in circular motions. (sugar can also be used but is quite sticky). Finally, wash off and moisturize.

This is just a bit of herbal remedies/ and natural things. I will post more. In the mean time if you have absolutely any requests or questions for herbal remedies etc just comment below and ill get back as soon as possible with some recipes and answers! Remember ~ Take care of your body and raise your vibrations! Peace Out ~