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Original Post:
by: OwlishAelinn on Mar 17, 2015

This has been such a relief for me, as I'm naturally prone to sinus infections. Here you all go:

Combine one crushed/diced garlic clove that has been sitting out for 15 minutes (allows allicin to accumulate) with one teaspoon raw honey and ? teaspoon cayenne pepper, and mix together.

Take appox ? of the mixture and swallow it, washing it down with warm tea or water. Finish the mixture.

Do this 2-3 times daily, every day while symptoms persist, and a few days afterward. Note: you can also sprinkle it on food and take it that way, if you find that more palatable. Ideas include pasta and pizza---skip the honey and put the garlic/cayenne mixture in pasta sauce or top a slice of pizza with it. Finish with tea and put the honey in that instead. If you don't have raw honey, I've used organic honey, and that worked just fine.