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Original Post:
by: DoomDesire on Mar 04, 2018

In a nutshell: just what is it?
During astral projection, our energy bodies along with our consciousness go there. But...where is that? Is it some short of energy manifestations on the area you dispatch your astral body from your physical one? Is it some short of energy network that is formed through natural energy currents? Is it just a projection of the unconscious mind or an energy manifestation of it that occurs within itself?
And then we have aetheric/etheric projection, which as some people say, takes place in etheric planes that are located in the sky. This one sounds more reality abiding, since the place that one goes is actually specified and it can somehow be pinpointed in the physical plane, but for the same reason it actually sounds more difficult as well.
What I am trying to ask is this: Does the astral plane exist alongside the physical plane, or do these two exist separately? And, aside how much it is possible for these two to interact, how much do they actually depend on one another? Does the physical plane actually need the astral plane, or is the latter a naturally occurring energy print of the former?
I hope I don't look too much of an ignoramus here. I just would be grateful to hear some opinions, or if possible, hear some verified information.

Thank you in advance.