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Original Post:
by: Unhade1 on Aug 27, 2017

So, I got in trance and waited there. It was the longest trance I managed to keep in my lifetime and it was very relaxing. I was getting shivers from times to times without knowing why during that trance. I don't think I could sepearate, but I stayed there.

After a point I felt appreciation, lots of it for being able to be into trance for that long and I started floating. I didn't see that room or something; for a reason I saw a yellow wall and I was going torwards it; the colours of the walls in that room are green. It had one of those white things, something like the air conditioners which exist at hotels.

After I reached at the most close point of the wall, I started turning straight and not in floating possition. Then, I felt a little bit of fear, Veru little for the beings I might meet. It was a kind of upsetion, if I see my spirit guides standing in front of me. Then, everything turned black immediately.

What could that be??? And, why did I started floating when I appreciated the trance state?