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Original Post:
by: theocipher on Aug 14, 2017

So, let me preface this by saying that I have never astral projected before. I've only just started learning about it.

This past week, I reached out to a friend for help with something. To keep the story short, I won't really go into what it was since I kind of posted another thread on that a few days ago, but it had to do with communicating with a spirit.

So, basically, my friend told me had an idea that would help me solve this problem I was having with communicating to a spirit. I agreed. A little while later, she came back and told me... She traveled across the veil, and that the spirit I was trying to communicate with had sold her soul, and she knows this because she read it in the "book of souls."

I'm, clearly, not a skeptic... But something about the whole concept felt very fluffy and fantasy-like to me, and I had a hard time taking her seriously. But, I feel really bad about that, because I have never experienced astral projection, and so I don't know the full extent of where someone can go or what people see when they've left their body.

So, I guess I'm really looking for an opinion on whether I should believe what my friend is saying? Is she being serious, or is she trying to mess with me? Is AP dangerous? My friend said 'going across the veil' gave her a chronic migraine, sometimes gives her nosebleeds? Is this even AP?

Am I a bad person for doubting her?

Thanks, sorry this was so long.