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Original Post:
by: lavenderc on Dec 22, 2015

let me start off by saying I know the Goddess. I've felt her. I know she is real...

but recently I've lost faith. I don't want to talk about exactly what and how it happened (it's just embarrassing and still kind of painful) but something happened to me and I have lost faith.

I don't feel anything when I pray anymore. I don't feel Her laughter, the other spirits and goddesses I honor I've neglected.

I feel I've made them angry.

I've lost my passion, my zeal; the energies I once felt swirling all around me are gone. I'm not sensitive to any sort of entities anymore.

I don't want to abandon this path. I really don't. It's just that everything's been dead in a sense. I ignored the esbats. I missed Yule. All the beauty and everything, it's just been missing.

How do I reconnect with my deities? How do I rekindle my faith?