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Original Post:
by: Vickiekitty on Sep 28, 2015

Ok so i dont like to label myself as anything...and when people would ask me what i believed in i would say no religion only god and new age. I recently started getting deeper in my spirituality and found pagan. I was surprised that i was extremely drawn to it and believed in many of the beliefs. But pagan is not a religion am i correct? It is an umbrella term of many other religions? Like hindu, wicca, etc? Also why are wiccans witches??? Because they do rituals and spells??? I have been studying both wicca and pagan and i love it. I did do a spell for the 1st time yesterday. But i still feel uncomfortable calling myself a wiccan or a witch....maybe because im still very new and bot a pro and i still have a lot to learn...and because i just feel silly calling myself a witch. I also love the pentacle. I thought this was pagan but im starting to see its wiccan?? Is that right??? So since im still it safe to call myself a pagan? Or am i supposed to be longer into it and study more? I dont know why i feel silly labeling myself.