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Original Post:
by: AspenRede on Jan 18, 2015

Hello everyone.My name is Aspen. So I have been interested in wicca ever since I was 10 and I am 15 now and have just began my path. I have been trying to seek people in my area to help me on my path but it has always been met with a dead end. I have went to occult stores and their gatherings trying to meet friends of the same interest, but all I seem to meet are people who act like they know what their talking about when it's clear they don't, due to the fact they act as if they have hidden knowledge and contradict themselves constantly. I myself claim to have no higher knowledge, since I am just trying to begin my path. My question is how can I find people with similar interests without having to make a spectacle of myself. Where are places I could go, things I could do?
I'm guessing these questions fall under wicca category. (If not I apologize)