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Original Post:
by: AkashaVampie on Oct 07, 2014

Hello. Im AkashaVampie. I'm very new to wicca but have been drawn to it for a long time now (have bought books over the years but i never actually sat down and read them from cover to cover... just would scan them). I have recently starting sitting down and reading my heart out in these books. I feel that in my gut this is the right path for me but there is just so much information that i am getting confused. Without getting "yelled at" (i dont think thats the right word) or "talked down to"... what is the best way to start with this path? I know everyone says read, read, and read, but is there other things i should be doing? It's hard for me to do alot of practicing (i think thats a good word for it) because my hubby doesn't have a religion (he said he has seen and learned too much to actually have one) and my son is only 8 years old (i don't want to do anything around him due to the fact i want him to make up his own mind about what he wants to believe in). My only free time is when the hubby and son are at work/school. I would love a mentor but have heard it's hard to get one especially over the internet. I just want to learn, love & feel good about myself, and change the world in my own little way.